Finding your self in a crowd

Have you ever been part of a crowd where you feel completely lost or invisible? Or in a 3 or more person conversation and not being heard? You keep talking but it’s like your opinion is not of value. It’s a thing. Feeling invisible exists. Probably not for many out there but there are people who go through this at least once if not on a daily basis.

Fears, blocks and more.

There are many reasons that put us in that situation. A common one that prevents us from getting out there is the lack of self-confidence and self-trust. Let’s take an example, you are in a small group discussion in class regarding a particular topic being tackled. You know the topic well but you just aren’t comfortable voicing yourself out and even when you do try, it merely comes out as a whisper. You could be right or wrong about your facts but you are not willing to bring yourself out. You then feel disappointed and incapable but don’t take the chance to stop and think why you feel the way you do.

Often at times this is due to an underlying belief of being insufficient or simply put “not good enough”. It usually arises from an innate limiting belief system that has been fed into us over time by the many interactions and experiences we have had growing up. Phrases like “you can’t do this”, “you are not capable” or “you are likely to fail” and similar ones along the line have been thrown at us through the course of our growth process. What we do not realize is that even if we do not take them in at a conscious level, these phrases can seep into our subconsciousness, eventually impacting our thoughts and behaviour hence forth.

Speak up!

If we took the time to sit and think about the limitations we set for ourselves we would probably overcome many of our fears. The fear of speaking up or being wrong, fear of taking that course or completing a test. It could be anything. The fact is that we are all capable and if we truly want, be visible for the world to see and hear. So don’t let your mind made limitations prevent you from being the best version of yourself. Take a moment each day to sit even for a few minutes and talk to yourself. Ask your self “what is holding me back today?” And once you find the answer take that step to challenge yourself and make that change in you. Let yourself out of your comfort zone. You can do it. You just have to believe in yourself. So speak up and let the world listen.

via Daily Prompt: Invisible


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