Catching Sunsets

Life has a way of keeping us busy. We are always running errands and meeting schedules in an attempt to stay on top. While in the race of life we tend to forget to give ourselves the essential “me time”.  Everyone has different ways to wind down or a place to go to and ponder about life .  For me, it’s the time sitting on a sandy beach staring out at the horizon, watching the sun-set. The captivating colors of the sunset being a reminder that life, despite all the struggles, is beautiful.

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Standing by the shore listening to the waves as each passing arch of water hits my ankles making my feet sink deep into the sand while watching the sun go down is therapeutic. It’s a miracle how long I’ve survived living away from a beach. But needing that “me time” is important.  So watching the sun set where ever I am – beach or no beach is my special “me time”.

Finding your own therapy and setting aside time for it is essential for your physical and mental well-being. A driving car eventually runs out of fuel and as human’s we too run out of fuel. Food, water, and sleep can help regain our energies back but taking time out for yourself is needed so that you can hear your own thoughts.  To ask your self how far you’ve reached and to listen to what your soul needs.

Ras Al Khaimah, U.A.E

Catching sunsets has usually been a favorite part of my travels. Even if it’s watching the sunset against the city skyline.  The topmost city skyline has been watching the sunset against the skyline along Sheikh Zayed road. Unfortunately, that’s one moment I have not been able to capture as yet. Mostly cause I was the one driving, but if you’ve seen it you know what I mean!

Lake Ohrid, Macedonia

It’s hard to tell which beach sunset has made the top of my list. ‘Cause every beach has its own view and vibe. Most of them I usually make a conscious effort to be there to watch sunset. It’s the ones that come by surprise that make me feel extra grateful for the day. One of them was the sun setting on Lake Ohrid in Macedonia.  I was visiting Ohrid for a medical student conference and one evening I decided to take a walk on my own back to the hotel. I was in desperate need of some “me time” and decided a quiet walk was in need.

As I walked towards the hotel I passed by the lake and had one of those breath-taking moments when I saw the view ahead of me. I instantly took my phone out to capture it.  I knew I had to head back quickly to get dressed for the next conference event for that evening. But instead chose to not care for a few minutes and just sit on one the boats there to take in the view, relishing the peace and quiet. It was worth it.

Antalya, Turkey

Finding the time and space to sit and unwind can be challenging, especially if you have a lot on your plate. Juggling between family, work and studying can be a struggle. It could be as simple as making a mug of hot chocolate and sitting on your comfy couch / bed reading a book or taking a bubble bath. Do what makes you feel calm and relaxed. it doesn’t have to be an every day thing, but once a week is a minimum. Because you can only be there for the world if you are there for your self first.

So find your space and make that time to give your self as a gift for the present.


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7 thoughts on “Catching Sunsets

  1. Suraksha says:

    There’s nothing better than a nice sunny day at the beach, listening to the waves tumbling, the breeze singing and watching the little crabs running around doing their little crab things as best as they can. My favorite beach activity: collecting shells. Just the fact that each shell you touch has lived a very unique untold story, really fascinates me. I mean, imagine this: every shell, from its birth, has been tossed and turned and inhabited and worn, probably crossed hundreds of miles over time, just to be pushed by the current of the waves to reach right next to your feet. I find them so special and precious because of that. Also, they’re very pretty to look at!
    This is an amazing post Umi! It brought back a lot of beautiful memories! Thank you so much! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Umi Shamji says:

      I’m happy to know you enjoyed it! And your description of your time on the beach is truly beautiful. Reading it made me feel like I was the one standing there. Thank you ❤


  2. Munira rasul says:

    Lovely pictures of sunsets can’t believe you captured them yourself my child. This proves how you appreciate Allah for all the amazing gifts He has granted us in various forms. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and anxiously waiting for another one. Keep it up baby.


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