Self-care Sunday

It’s the end of the week and most of us, if not all can finally take a day off to breathe. Our work / school week keep us so busy that by the time Sunday is around we barely have the energy to get out of bed. Unfortunately, we don’t all have that extra helping hand at home to get those chores and home errands done and so we depend on a Sunday to catch up. Today was as such, having a list of chores to do but zero energy. I woke up feeling like a big fat blob and my eyes ready to shut back to sleep.

A Hearty Breakfast

Almost ready to head back to sleep I decided to convince myself with small baby steps starting with a reward for getting out of bed. A pancake breakfast. I live to eat, so food is always a treat to my soul. My tummy was super excited for some chocolate chip pancakes with berries on top that got me out of my layers of blankets and in front of the stove in no time! And voila! A much so satisfying meal was in front of me.

Now came the chore, laundry. In attempt to being efficient I put a load in the machine while prepping and enjoying my breakfast so by the time I was done it was folding time. While folding laundry I decided to catch up with some talk time over the phone with my family. Yay to technology and the ability to multitask! Check & check.

Next on the list was grocery and boy did I have to convince myself to get out in the cold. I did something a little crazy though (at least for me), hiking in the snow.

A Winter Hike

The sun was out and never have I been so happy to see it. This winter with all the gloomy and cold weather I’ve been appreciating the sun even more and noticing the effect it has on my mood. The temperature not being too cold (-2C), I thought why not? Now, being born in East Africa I’m always first to say that I was made for that nice tropical weather and struggle in the cold. So much to my surprise I was out with a cup of hot coco ready for a mini hike in the snow.

I absolutely love hikes! Being out in nature feeds my soul and keeps me feeling connected to the Universe. But I usually hike during spring / summer time so this experience was a new and memorable one.

I bundled up nice so the cold was tolerable. Walking in the snow between the bare trees, watching the waterfall while sitting on a fallen branch and inhaling all that fresh air was truly rejuvenating. Admiring the view ahead of me which was different from the green leaves and colourful flowers during spring time gave it a (good) different feel.

I sat there listening to my inspirational compilation of Lady Gaga, Beyoncè and Justin Timberlake while being engulfed in nature. A treat and a work out at the same time, YAS!

By then I was motivated enough to get my groceries and head back home. It was evening time and probably I would have had a longer list of tasks to complete this Sunday but my motivation meter was on the lower end.

As I went through the day and did activities (small or big) that felt fulfilling, I realized the importance of self care especially when feeling extra drained. That little morning push and setting small doable tasks kept me going. By the end I felt somewhat accomplished with myself and content that I could so some self care for myself while completing my chores.

It’s easier said then done, but with a little nudge we can learn to take care of ourselves during our busy lives. Every one’s self care looks different. It could be mindfully taking time to enjoy a meal, talking to a loved one, Prayer or reading a book. Anything that resonates with you feeling good.

So what does your self-care Sunday look like?

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