Dear Women,

Today is a day dedicated to you, for being you. A reminder of how important you are, as a daughter, a sister, a partner, a mother and a woman. I hope you wake up feeling grateful for your existence, even if times are tough. Especially, if times are tough. And if it’s hard to get out of bed, take a deep breath, then a step forward towards your day. Otherwise, jump out with a skip, twirl and a hop ready to seize the day like you always are.

I know that some days are crazy busy with errands, meetings, and commitments to attend. Multitasking is an art that we learn and master with time. But there are days where we absolutely do not want to juggle those tasks and we may even feel guilty for not being able to do so. Guilty to not make those around us happy and satisfied. ‘Cause lets face it, we care a lot for our people (even if we don’t show it much). But it’s okay. Take a day off ( I know, crazy talk! that’s not possible? the world around us will fall into pieces). Seriously, take a day off. If there is one thing I have learned recently, you cannot keep filling other’s vessels, leaving your’s desert dry. One day it will catch up. You’ll feel thirsty for self-care and love but you won’t realize it and instead take it out on your loved ones. You will eventually stop recognizing yourself and so will the people around you. So before you get there, take a break.

Unfortunately, there will be days where you cannot take a day off right when you need to. Especially when you feel frustrated with a bunch of tangled emotions you can’t name. So here’s a secret. Knead bread. I know, some of us may not be bakers but I assure you, breadmaking is not rocket science. It’s therapy. Getting your hands dirty in that dough, bringing it all together, pushing your hands through that gooeyness can be tiresome but worth it. I was at a friend’s place yesterday and I did not realize all the built-up stress I had internally until I felt it move out of my fingers. And a plus to this is an edible treat (wink-wink).

Next thing. Don’t be shy to share your voice and your true version to the world. I’m not saying you have to go out partying and or scream out to the world. But don’t be afraid to show who you truly are. You are soul gifted to all those around you. Just like everyone else, you too have a place on this earth that is yours. You too, are worth the respect, love and care that everyone may ask of you. You have an opinion that matters, a mind that is worth challenging and a skill that is of need. keep remembering to believe in yourself, because if you don’t then those around you will not either. So try living every day, being fearlessly you.

Finally, as we try to find (and sometimes fight for) our place in what we call a “male-dominated world” let us not forget that they too are human beings. I know they act all tough, but they have emotions and insecurities and aren’t the best at vocalizing. Unfortunately, society has a way of not providing a safe space for men to be sensitive and voice out their emotion. However, just like us, they feel and hurt. So let us (with our respect and boundaries) hear them out. Be the ear they need. Emit the love they crave and the support they search for. Maybe its time we start walking hand in hand bringing out each other’s best.

In the meantime, today is our day. So let us celebrate being us.
Happy International Women’s Day!


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